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This is what people are saying about Classic Routes

Glorious photo spreads, spacious layout and an intoxicating blend of story and route info make this book a winner.

The concept is excellent: collecting the expertise from local heroes around the world, editor Bob Drury presents a unique panorama of classic flights in a volume that hums with the excitement of adventure. There’s bound to be somewhere you haven’t gone to, and I found myself reading the familiar sites with even more enthusiasm.

There are unique voices and narrative styles, which make it a really interesting read. Bob’s warm and intelligent writing brings it all together.

It’s big in your hands, and it feels like you are consulting some grand tome of guarded knowledge, like a religious text. I suppose it is. A guide for XC pilgrims to the journeys that will feed your soul.

My only criticism is that the printing could have be slightly better (there’s occasional spotting in the dark areas) and the photo captions are tiny, but the overall presentation, binding and design are perfect. The painted maps are a charming touch.

If you’re just starting out in XC flying, this is written for you. You can soak up the lore from many top pilots, and the stories help you to place the knowledge into an entertaining frame of reference.

Whether it will be read by interested bystanders as the introduction ambitiously hopes for remains to be seen, but as a gift book for someone who flies paragliders or hang gliders, from beginner to top level pilots, this is an absolute cracker.

It’s fair to say it’s one of the most important books you can own.

‘A book of flying dreams’ indeed. Inspiring stuff.

Greg Hammerton, author and publisher

The first thing that leaps out of this book is the quality of the photographs.  They are large, glossy and simply lush.  If you get no further than looking at the pictures, it is worth the price of the book – they are breathtaking, transporting you to cloudbase over the most spectacular terrains.

When you start reading, you realise what a diverse approach to cross country flying there is amongst the writers.  Each account is written by a different pilot, and each brings their own unique insight into flying.  Some provide an analytical breakdown of a route, together with the insider knowledge and tips necessary to complete the challenge. Others simultaneously weave into the story the views and the feelings of excitement and the joy of flying.

This is a fascinating journey through the minds of a diverse group of cross country pilots.  It is inspiring on so many levels –  you can simply drool over the pictures, you can gain an insight into why we fly, or you can use it as the definitive guide to plan your future cross country trips.

Classic Routes is the most beautiful collection of words and pictures that I have ever seen in the world of free flying – a brilliant book and a “must have” for any aspiring pilots dreaming of a cross country future, or for old hands who have “been there, done that” and who want a keepsake of the good times on the wing.

Judy Leden MBE, World hang gliding and
paragliding champion, author and adventurer

This is so much more than a beautiful picture book. It is the one I have been waiting 25 years to read.

Not only inspiring and exciting, but something to guide you along the best accessible cross country routes the planet has to offer.

John Sylvester, adventure pilot

As a photographer involved in the project of Classic Routes I received a copy shortly after it had been printed. I just sent a quick note to say “Thanks”.

But after some hours regularly diving into the book and having read almost all the text, I have to say it’s really a great and complete work. The real value of Classic Routes is the precise information contained inside, and the commitment of the different writers who share their knowledge about each place and their long passion for XC flying.

Reading about places I knew really gave a me clear image of the place, the local vibrations and the right strategy for flying efficiently. It simply gives you the shivers and pushes you to buy a plane ticket. I hope life will give me the chance to visit the other places described in this book. I think we have been waiting a long time for this masterpiece about cross country flying. Now we have our XC bible!

Jérome Maupoint